Amniotic Tissue Therapy

Amniotic Tissue Therapy

Advancements in amniotic tissue therapies provide additional options for less invasive treatments to more traditional steroids. The amniotic membrane and fluid provide important properties, both biologic and physiologic in nature, acting as a physical barrier protecting the fetus during pregnancy.

Amniotic tissue is rich in diverse biologically active components involving tissue regeneration. Amniotic tissue is reported to have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, epithelialization, and anti-fibrotic properties. These qualities make it an attractive bio-material for use in outpatient clinic or surgical procedures.

This method of regenerative medicine is a viable option for people suffering from mild arthritis and chronic inflammation in joints.

Benefits to using Amniotic Tissue Therapy include:

  • High in Cytokines – Naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents.
  • Growth Factors – Group of proteins that stimulate the growth of specific tissues.
  • Scaffold – Extra-cellular material cells used to attach themselves to other cells and tissues to for stability.
  • Stem Cell derived product.
  • Used in mild inflammatory arthritis.

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