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General FAQs

We are the largest integrated medical clinic in the Treasure Valley. We offer a multitude of diverse therapies to overcome many musculoskeletal conditions. To be integrated means we have taken the most successful aspects of alternative medicine and combined them with the best of non-invasive traditional allopathic medicine. The result is our patients truly have a team approach to your healthcare needs where your progress is monitored and discussed before each and every appointment.

Please bring loose clothing so our providers can access the injuries area. If your condition is a medical / metabolic, please wear a short-sleeved shirt in case blood work needs to be performed.

Yes, we try our best to get you more comfortable that day. However, depending on the condition some testing, and imaging may be need to further care.

Depending on the reason for your visit, you may be here for 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Yes, depending on the day-to-day schedule we will do our utmost to help to facilitate your request, but cannot guarantee there will be a appointment available.

Yes, we set aside a few hours a week for consultations. We firmly believe that “how do you make a good health decision when no one talks you, Dr Google can only do so much” Call us to schedule 208.322.7900

With our integrated clinic and our team approach you will be assessed by multiple providers that will discuss your physical exam findings as a team and collaborate on your diagnosis. Some diagnostic tools available are blood work, urinalysis, orthopedic testing, motion palpation, x-ray and many more.

Financial FAQs

All major insurances, no Medicaid. Please contact our billing specialist for specific details on your insurance needs.

Due to our integrated practice our services are very diverse therefore the cost are as well. Please call for more specific financial information.

We respect your time and we appreciate the same in return. We are a very efficient clinic and will start on your scheduled appointment time. We do not believe in you sitting and waiting on us. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, or “no show” you will be charge a fee for that visit.

Regenerative Medicine

No 2 patients have exactly the same injury or condition, therefore the price has a large range from; 0 – $20, 000+.  Our special trained medical provider and doctors will evaluate and recommend the best healing plan for you.

NO, our products do not come from any unethical sources. Amniotic tissue is harvested from the placenta of health normal pregnancies of women between the ages 18-35 years of age. Donors have been tested and have had extensive testing to prevent any unwanted effects. The placenta is the sac that holds the baby inside his/her mother.

Each patient and disease process is different. Research shows positive effects have been realized within 24 hours, however this is not as common. Most patients notice changes over the next 6-8 weeks.

Research has identified a list of 40 different metabolic and joint diseases that have responded well to stem cell and regenerative therapy. Please call our clinic for a more details.

We understand that 1 size does not fit all. We do not know why it may have not worked for you, however we have many options available that gives our patients the best opportunity for healing. Any “amniotic stem cell” product is a stem cell derived product. This means it starts out as a live tissue but is a “dead” product after the production process. This means that there are no live stem cells left after it has been thawed out. However, amniotic tissue has a vast regenerative benefit for certain conditions. Schedule an appointment and let us help you navigate through with aspect of regenerative medicine is best for you.

Alliance Physical Medicine has the opportunity to work with the lead researcher and her team in North America. This means we can offer world-class regenerative stem cell therapy that only a few clinics in the North America can offer. Our relationship with them allows your health information to be reviewed with the top stem cell team in the US. Therefore, we can deliver results and a higher rate of success. This technology has been demonstrated successfully with performing over 10,000 procedures.

Yes, we can use your bodies live stem cells that are harvested through a mini-lipo procedure. By using this process and utilizing your own adipose tissue (fat) has been proven to have a significantly higher count of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) compared to other stem cell procedures. This gives you the greatest ability to heal from your condition.

Rehabilitation Services

80-90% of all patients are sore after the deep myofascial work, this is normal. Most of this discomfort is caused from lactic and uric acid being pushed out of muscle. This soreness will decrease within a day or so. Increasing you water intake can help to reduce discomfort. Please contact our office if you have any concerns.

Most pain comes from inflammation and to add more heat can cause more damage to muscular tissue. Icing helps to reduce inflammation and reduce pains. Make sure you have a thin cloth between you and the ice.

Family Medicine Services

Slight discomfort around the injection site is normal and to be expected. If you are concerned that your discomfort is abnormal, please call to speak with our medical staff.

Please call our office at 208.322.7900 for assistance or go to our Patient Portal and email the provider directly.

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